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What is WHOP?

Emission-free Power:

Waste Heat to Power (WHOP) technology is a non-combustion, osmotic power technology protected by US and international patents. It replaces lower-efficiency heat engines/turbines with ultra-high efficiency water turbines (85-95%) driven by osmotic pressure.  High osmotic potential polymers coupled with high-flux membranes produce polymer-water solutions with high hydraulic head and flow.  This high energy polymer-water solution drives the water turbine, proven for its high efficiency and reliability.


Revenue from Low-Temperature Waste Heat

Rejection of waste heat costs money. When upgraded to electricity using T2M’s advanced energy technologies, low-temperature waste heat streams become a revenue generator. WHOP can significantly reduce industrial and commercial plants’ dependency on the power grid.


The largest amount of unutilized waste heat from industrial operations is in the low-temperature group (150-300°F).  There is currently no commercially available cost-effective technology to benefit from this wasted heat because it is economically difficult to recover and reuse. Upgrading this low-temperature waste heat to higher value electricity at competitive costs will deliver greater sustainability to industrial operations.


For more information, please check out the WHOP Fact Sheet

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