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T2M Global Unveils Revolutionary Plastic Heat Exchanger

T2M Global proudly announces the successful demonstration of its innovative Plastic Heat Exchanger (P-HEX) technology, offering a cost-effective solution for recovering low-level waste heat across various industries. This breakthrough opens a $50 billion market opportunity, enhancing U.S. competitiveness and driving energy efficiency. Check out our press release for more details on this transformative advancement.

T2M President Elected to California Hydrogen Business Council Board

We are excited to share that T2M Global President Pinakin Patel has been elected to the board of directors for the California Hydrogen Business Council. Please read the press release for more details. 

T2M Global Announces Agreement with Aberdeen International 

T2M Global is pleased to announce we have entered into a definitive agreement with Aberdeen International who acquired exclusive rights and all intellectual property pertaining to T2M Global’s Advanced Electrolyzer System for the production of hydrogen from dilute syngas. Read the press release here

T2M Global Nitrogen Syngas Magazine

T2M Global President Pinakin Patel and VP Ludwig Lipp were featured in the July 2020 issue of Nitrogen + Syngas Magazine regarding Hydrogen for fuel cell vehicles and stationary power. 

"As the world focuses on clean fuels for the 21st century, there is an emerging opportunity to use ammonia as a source of hydrogen. Hydrogen fuel cells are expected to play a significant role as part of a clean energy portfolio. T2M Global and its development partner, SAFCell, are collaborating to develop a modular system to produce hydrogen from ammonia using a novel solid state separation system that does not require pressure or solvents. P. Patel of T2M Global, C. Chisholm of SAFCell and V. Pattabathula of Incitec Pivot explain the challenges, the opportunities and the current status of this new technology."

Read full article here and visit for more information. 

T2M Global at CalSEED Cohort 3 Kick-Off Meeting

T2M’s Thermal Energy Storage in Osmotic Polymers (TESOP) technology is one of 25 projects selected under this competitive solicitation!


T2M introduced its innovative TESOP technology to fellow clean tech energy entrepreneurs at this inaugural meeting. Under this CalSEED program, we propose to advance TESOP as a cost-effective thermal storage media for producing green electricity.


T2M Global Receives CalSEED Concept Award

We are excited to announce that T2M Global is a recepient of the California Sustainable Energy Entrepreneur Development (CalSEED) Concept Award for 2019. CalSEED is an early stage grant funding and professional development program for diverse innovators working to bring clean energy concepts to market.


Please read the press release for more information. 

Screen Shot 2019-09-16 at 10.59.05

CEO Pinakin Patel Receives Award

Pinakin Patel, CEO, received a prestigious US DOE award for developing the world’s first tri-generation hydrogen, energy, and electrical power station to provide transportation fuel to the public.

US DOE 1.jpg
US DOE.jpg

T2M Global Supports Electro-Active Technologies (EAT) at IndieBio Demo Day in San Francisco

EAT, T2M’s technology partner, is developing a process that enables companies and communities to reinvest their organic waste such as industrial waste water into higher value-added products like renewable hydrogen. It was selected by one of the most active biotech accelerators in the world, IndieBio, as a part of its 8th cohort.


T2M Global has been EAT’s industry mentor and technology advisor since 2018, guiding EAT on system development and integration, market assessment, and commercialization pathways. Recently, Pinakin and Raj Patel, CEO and CFO of T2M, were at IndieBio Demo Day to support EAT’s successful project demonstration. They also connected with VCs to explore additional funding opportunities to expedite EAT’s technology development.


CEO Pinakin Patel Receives Award

Pinakin Patel, CEO and founder, received an award on a recent trip to India. He was a speaker for a seminar on Emerging Opportunities for Environmental Sustainability. The award was presented by the Government Engineering College in Valsad, India. 

Pinakin Award.jpg

T2M Global Named Verge Accelerate Winner

T2M was selected as a winner at the VERGE 18 Accelerate Energy Showcase Pitch Contest in Oakland, CA on Oct 16. The pitch was delivered by T2M Engineer Nicholas Burgess.

Previous press release regarding T2M's selection as a finalist can be viewed here. 

T2M Global Awarded Over 

$1 Million Grant for Low-Level

Waste Heat to Green Power

T2M Global is pleased to announce we have been awarded a $1.3 million grant from the California Energy Commission (CEC) to develop technology that can convert low-level waste heat to higher-value emission-free power without any incremental pollution. 


“Our unique technology produces higher value electricity without increasing greenhouse gas emissions, a win-win solution to pollution,” said T2M Global President Pinakin Patel. “This is a great innovation that will help create jobs in California. We’re excited to work with CEC and to demonstrate its value.”

The technology being developed by the T2M Global team is expected to double the conversion efficiency at substantially lower capital costs, which could potentially offer natural gas consumers an additional source of revenue without creating negative impacts on the environment, a significant plus for disadvantaged communities in California.

Please see our press release for further information. To get all the latest energy news, please follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn

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