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What is TESOP?

T2M Global and technology partner Nrgtek are developing Thermal Energy Storage in Osmotic Polymers (TESOP) that stores heat indirectly through thermo-chemical reactions to enhance the value proposition of renewable energy technologies.



TESOP storage is complimentary to batteries (Range Extender)

Solar Thermal

Low- Level Heat            Wasted


Excess Electricity Needs Storage

Novel Energy Storage and Range Extender for Renewables


Charge Cycle: Energy Storage Using Speciality Polymers

Discharge Cycle: Ultra-High Efficiency Water Turbine


This break-through thermal energy storage technology captures lower grade (≤200oC) heat from solar, geothermal, and industrial sources to produce renewable power with enhanced reliability and at lower cost (<$750/kW). It offers two unique features: 1. flexible design capable of exploiting currently severely under-used solar-thermal, geothermal, and industrial waste heat; and 2. operate at room temperature for lower cost and added safety, especially important for Disadvantaged Communities. It will become a much-needed range extender technology to optimize the overall availability of current renewable energy technologies. With potential rapid market penetration, it will enable highly resilient microgrids for Green(er) World.