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Technology Innovation

Currently, hydrogen is extracted from natural gas reformates using technologies such as Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA). These “traditional” technologies can only recover 70-80% of the hydrogen in the feed. The remaining hydrogen streams are wasted and are a lost economic opportunity. EHS provides a solution for separating hydrogen from these very dilute streams economically. 

EHS technology has the following key technical advantages:

Modularity Easily Scalable and Phased Capacity Expansion (Compact Cell and Stack Designs →Meet Growing Distributed Hydrogen Demands)

Solid-State - ✔ (NO Moving Parts →Highly Durable and Energy Efficient →Lower O&M and CAPEX)

Feedstock Flexible (Selective Separation of Hydrogen →Uniquely Suitable for Challenging Dilute Streams such as Biogas and Industrial Process Exhaust)

Selective Removal of Hydrogen – Technology Options: EHS offers a better solution at lower-cost