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What is EHS?

It is an advanced hydrogen separation technology that purifies hydrogen from more challenging feed streams. It does not require pressurization of the dilute hydrogen stream. The product hydrogen exits EHS at the same pressure, saving capital and operating cost. This proven, modular, scalable, feedstock flexible, and robust technology offers the best solution for selective removal of hydrogen from dilute/waste streams for higher value.


The hydrogen market is already huge, currently about 10 million tons/year in the U.S. alone. Industrial hydrogen markets, such as refineries, ammonia production, chemical plants, fertilizer plants, etc, are the major hydrogen consumers today. They also have very dilute hydrogen streams that are wasted, which provide unique purification opportunity for added value (up to 10-20% of the overall market). Other applications for the hydrogen economy such as distributed hydrogen, are developing in the near term. These emerging markets include fuel cell forklifts, peak power generation, fuel cell vehicles and smaller industrial users. The total estimated multi-billion-dollar market presents a tremendous opportunity for T2M’s novel hydrogen technology.  

Award Winning IP Protected

T2M co-founders have pioneered a novel solid-state electrochemical hydrogen separation (EHS) system with >$30M investment over 15-year period from public/private partnerships such as US DOE, DoD, automotive OEMs and major chemical companies.

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